Many people shy away from building a new home due to the numerous amount of uncertainties, whether it be material details, hardware choices, cabinetry decisions, or an overall unfamiliarity with the building process.

This particular waterfront home is an example of a complete package we’ve provided for a client who was looking to build a home, but didn’t know where to start.  From flooring, cabinetry, windows, painting, hardware, fireplaces, and even the piece of property the house sits on; this home was fully packaged with options to move up or down in any and all categories… or ready to move into with no changes at all.

We can provide a multitude of options for construction plans.  These range from existing plans on file, Sapia designed projects, custom projects, or plans that the client brings themselves.   If you’re so inclined, we can arrange for you to work with some of the best and brightest architects in New England.  In this scenario, the client had chosen this house from a portfolio of plans because it suited their particular taste… and that’s what really matters.  It’s not always easy to know what you like or what style suits you best.  However, if you have a loose grip on what you like and don’t like, we’ll be able to find a design and package it in a way that you’ll love to live in it as much as I love to live in my own home.