We are Sapia Builders

Three generations of General Contracting & Home Building since 1947.


Hands On Everyday

Every day & every project you'll find us working to bring your project to life.


Where it counts...



Our stance is based on early involvement. We feel this helps achieve a level of job practicality, communication establishment, and project tone. We know and understand the number of decisions ranging from financial, design, aesthetic, and practical; that drive a job towards completion.  Being apart of those decisions and available for input translates into a new home, kitchen, or development that lasts into the future.


As a small company, Sapia Builders closely monitors our cost structure and strives to always maintain a competitive platform.  By focusing on details and utilizing new technology, we constantly strive to improve our operating methods every day. In addition, we maintain a loyal group of sub-contractors and vendors who have worked with us on numerous projects.  Our relationships allow us to gain better than average rates in the industry.


We pride ourselves on being truthful and honest with all our clients.  We constantly strive to communicate and document all project information to ensure that our clients both get the best value and are comfortable that we are doing everything possible to work on their behalf.