Working construction is hard work.  Whether you work outside or do interior work, wearing the proper clothing will keep you comfortable and safe.  It is very important to dress for the environment (know the weather forecast if working outside).  The proper clothing will keep you warm and dry.  The best clothing has good ventilation so that moisture can escape.

Some key points to remember:

    • Dress in layers
    • Wear a liner in your hardhat
    • Keep clothes dry – wet clothes increase heat loss
    • Wear water proof or resistant boots
    • Wear synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene next to the skin (except when doing electrical work that might require Arc Flash Protection level clothing (i.e. natural fiber such as cotton)
    • Wear an outer windproof layer
    • Avoid tight-fitting footwear. Have spare dry socks available & change socks if they get damp
    • Wear mittens with liners if possible (mittens keep you hands warmer than traditional gloves)

Always have your foul weather gear available and in good condition. Depending on the area of the country you work in this might be basic rain gear, to insulated parkas and coveralls, and insulated work boots.

Remember: protective wear in the winter also includes your hardhat, safety glasses, and protective footwear. Your specialty gear may include retro-reflective vests for visibility, or leathers when performing welding operations.