Dust On Construction Sites

By October 28, 2014 Uncategorized

Dust can be a common by product of work activities on construction sites. It is well recognized that dust inhalation can cause lung disease, silicosis, and other complications of the respiratory system. There are simple control measures that can be taken to help improve your health and safety when working with or around construction dust sources. The following are a few ways to handle dust on a construction site:

Site Dust – Dust created from earth excavation is common, especially on dry windy days. In the interest of protecting workers health and property, surpassing dust has become a requirement on most jobs. There is a variety of methods to manage and control site dust and here are a few suggestions:

Excavation Dust

  • Water is common option for protecting workers from dust from excavations by watering down the exposed surfaces on a regular basis.
  • Dust Supression Agents may also be an option as they have been developed to require less frequent application of water.
  • Covering exposed surfaces with polythene or tarpaulins are effective although this method is not practical in windy areas or for large areas.

Saw Cutting, Grinding, & Sanding Dust