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According to Traffic Safety Facts, 95% of the total crashes in 2009 involved passengers cars or light Trucks*. Nearly 95% of all traffic collisions are caused by driver error. These errors most frequently stem from poor seeing skills and habits, aggressive attitudes,, inattention, fatigue, and failure to use proven defensive driving skills are used. As a driver, the key actions to take as a driver are:

  • Be farsighted while driving. Look to the next block or down the road to determine traffic conditions so that you can make an intelligent decision regarding your course of action.
  • Take in the whole picture. Determine what is happening down side streets or alleyways. Vehicles approaching the intersection at a high speed or parked vehicles alongside the road are hazards you should recognize. Watch for break lights and any vehicular movement.
  • Keep your eyes moving. Always check your rearview mirrors for following traffic . Observe and obey road signs.
  • Maintain an adequate space cushion. While driving your own vehicle, you should have at least a three space cushion between your vehicle and that of others. Add and additional second if you are traveling over 40 mph. For a straight truck, you should have at least a four second space cushion; add an additional second if you are traveling over 40 mph. Also, be sure to add at least one second for adverse driving conditions.
  • Communicate your every move. If you are making turns or changing lanes, advise the other traffic of your intensions with your turn signals. If you see a red light ahead, get your foot on the brake pedal early to communicate via your brake lights that you will be coming to a stop.

*Traffic Safety Facts 2009