A back-over accident occurs when a a backing vehicle strikes a worker who’s standing, walking, working, or kneeling behind the vehicle. These incidents can be prevented with some basic knowledge and precautions. Start Here…


  • Drivers may not be able to see a worker in their blind spot.
  • Workers or pedestrians may not be aware of the back-over hazards.
  • Workers may not hear back-up alarms due to worksite noise.
  • Back-up alarms may not be functioning.
  • A spotter assisting one truck may not see another truck behind him.
  • Drivers assume the area is clear and don’t look in the direction of travel.
  • Ground workers have their back turned toward the vehicle when working.
  • Workers riding on vehicles fall off and are accidentally backed over.


  • Drivers must establish and maintain eye contact with ground workers.
  • Use spotters when you have an obstructed view while backing up.
  • Ground workers near equipment / vehicles should wear high visibility clothing / vests.
  • Check to make sure back-up alarms are functioning.
  • Ground workers should face vehicles whenever possible on a job task.
  • Know your surroundings at all times. Maintain site awareness!
  • When in doubt remember the acronym G.O.A.L. – Get out and look!

How TO KEEP SPOTTERS SAFE: Using spotters is a proven method on protecting employees on foot behind vehicles with an obstructed view. But spotters themselves can be at risk. Implement the following actions to help keep spotters safe.

  • Spotters and drivers must agree on hand signals before backing up.
  • Instruct spotters to maintain visual contact with driver while the vehicle is backing up.
  • Instruct drivers to stop backing up immediately if they lose sight of the spotter.
  • Don’t give workers additional duties while they’re acting as spotters.
  • Instruct spotters not to use personal devices (phones, headphones, etc) or other items that could pose a distraction during spotting activities.